Chicago Vocalist.  Acoustic. Jazz. Folk. Traditional Pop  

Anthony Abbatacola


Classic pop and jazz

“One of my new favorite singers.” – Mark Weber, music journalist





     Hey there!  Thanks for checking out my page, the following will be my "new" bio written by me as I have recently decided to turn over a new leaf of sorts..The old Anthony had a really ridiculous sounding bio written in the third person hoping to cover up the fact that he was new to this whole music thing and really hadn't done anything yet.  So, here's the deal:

     At 22 years old after recording myself into my phone singing a capella I decided I wanted to sing, so I downloaded an accompanist off the internet and got to work learning American Songbook and Traditional Pop Standards that I grew up loving. (and quietly singing along to)  It took some time to round things into shape, I couldn’t read music (still can’t..) and in fact had really no musical background--didn’t play instruments, no choir.  So for a couple years it was a lot of rehearsal.  
     2014 found me “ready to go” and I decided to record 3 songs...which was good because that’s all I could afford.  The songs I chose to record I thought best represented my earliest influences, the primary one being Bobby Darin and as a little “tip of my hat” to him I covered an obscure cover that he had done 50 years earlier called “Hello Dolly”.  It’s not the first song that comes to mind when you think Bobby Darin but it’s exactly why I listened to him so much as a kid, he took a show tune and transformed the song into his own.  I modeled the song after his version but put my own twist on it towards the end (otherwise why cover anything right?)  After the recording was done I played it for a friend of mine who normally writes and directs horror films (naturally) and he told me about an idea for a video we could shoot Downtown Chicago...and so it became.  
     2015, I’ve been lucky to receive generous airplay and support from local radio, 90.9fm in particular as well as 103.9fm The Fox.  Gigs have come up periodically around the Chicagoland area.  Bars, restaurants, libraries I’ll play anywhere...I fell into some corporate work which led to the opportunity to play at places like the historic Fitzgerald’s as well as getting to put on my own “showcases” at places like Pleasant Home Mansion in Oak Park and other unique venues. 

    I currently reside in the Chicago Suburbs with my wife and our cat, who I am certain is plotting to kill me--the cat, not my wife...I think.  I love to travel, hang with friends, drink wine and I hate technology.  For more info/insight into the crazy that is me,send me an email through the "contact" page.